Saturday, March 7, 2009

Visiting the Kibera slums and feeding center

Well... we're here. I'm overwhelmed with all that I have seen, and we have only been in Africa for one day. I'm thankful that we made it here safely. I knew that we would because I believe in my heart that God wants us here. Everything that we have experience prior to the trip points to that. Today, we visited with over 300 children and the staff at a school in the slums of Kibera. I have only heard and seen pictures of things such as these. To experience first hand, to smell, touch and laugh with children that live off of a dollar a day ripped my heart to pieces. Despite the terrible living conditions, hope fills the heart of these children who have no reason to hope. Their hope is in Jesus Christ. What a beautiful sight we saw today! We were able to feed the children and eat beans and rice with them. That was incredible and tasty. I was also able to play soccer with these kids. We gave them a soccer ball that was donated for our trip and they were so thankful. I love it here already! Hi mom, dad and all the family. I love you all and know that God is doing awesome things right now.
-Brandon Adams

Today, we visited Simon Kabaki's school and feeding center in Nairobi, Kenya. The moment we arrived I could hardly hold back the tears as I saw the conditions the these people live in on a daily basis. As I walked to meet the children, I stepped in raw sewage. I met five young girls between the ages of twelve and fourteen who taught me how to play soccer. After I held their hands, they stayed with me for the rest of the time. Each girl wanted to touch my hair. They were starving for love and attention. One told me she want to be a nurse, one a broadcaster, and another a doctor.  We as Americans are so spoiled and have so much. God has blessed us with many riches and blessings. I believe it is our obligation to help people in conditions like these and to let them know the love of Jesus Christ.
-Kim Roberts

I held one of the volley balls that was donated for half of the morning, then finally got to play with it. Playing outside with the kids was my favorite part of the day! I spent the whole time running back and forth with over 100 chasing me and copying everything I did. I have never seen anything like it. I love it here and my heart is so delighted, but at the same time heavy from seeing these kids. They love the Lord, but their living conditions are almost unbearable.Pray for them. Hi Mom! Hi Whitter!Hi Bubba! Love you, and yes I'm wearing sunscreen.
-Hillary Hunt


  1. Jason and Christie Spaulding said they are amazed of what they saw in the pics, and it really makes you think of how blessed we truley are, keep up the good work guys we are praying for you.

  2. It was awesome to read from Brandon, Kim, and Hillary and see the pictures of you reaching out to the people of Africa. We continue to pray that God will use in a mighty way each day! Look forward to reading more.

  3. The children are beautiful, and look so happy to have you there with them! Love on them for me, Kimberly! Still praying, and am soooo glad ya'll got there safely. Dad says he loves you too, and is praying constantly for your safety and that your trip will be fruitful. Love to you all, Doug and Tawnya

  4. It looks like you guys are doing some amazing work for Christ! I'm so glad you made it there safely and I'm still praying for all of you. Keep up the great work. Love you guys!! -Chelsea Barnett