Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 4 Bumoni and Vipingo

Today we visited 2 feeding centers.   These centers are fully funded and have very nice buildings.  They have about 150 children.  God has really blessed these centers and have almost all of their needs met.  I was able to see what a feeding center and school can look like when it has plenty of support. The new building at Mtepani is just the beginning of some exciting things to come for that area.  God is really working on this trip.  Many of our hearts have really been touched.

Today we went past an alligator farm.  It was pretty cool to look over the wall and see the BIG GATORS!

~David Hayes


  1. A vision! A vision of what Mtepani will be like? How wonderful. To be able to visualize the feeding station and school is truly fantastic. Watch out for the Gators. Gary & Vickie Gibson

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to go there!...not to see the alligators though!...good thing you trusted the person who was lifting you up on that wall!:)

    I'll miss my Friday morning breakfast w/ Kimberly, but my heart is so full knowing where she is and who she's with today...she's just been dreaming of being in Africa her whole life! I'm not sure 2 weeks will be enough for her, David!

    We love ya'll and will never stop praying for you! Tawnya