Friday, May 25, 2012

A great first day in Kenya!

Today was a great day! We accomplished soo much physically, mentally and spiritually. Being welcomed into the school with open arms and songs from the children was by far my favorite part of the day. Our first task we had to do was dig a hole... With a machete..(the machete wasn't and easy thing to get, Emily vige and I had to run a quarter of a mile into the village to get it!) Shoveling gravel was our next task, little did we know, we would have to make the gravel by using a sludge hammers to smash coral reef! I can say tomorrow I am not going to be able to move! LOL lunch followed the rock smashing, then chapel. During chapel we got to interact with the children, we taught them the song "with Jesus in your boat" hearing them sing that song after we taught it to them was the best feeling EVER!!

Joryy Morse
Bible Baptist

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