Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God Works in Mysterious Ways!

Bible Baptist from DeQuincy Louisiana is our first missions team of the year.  Please pray that God really uses this team to reach Kenya for Christ and that God will touch their lives and they will never be the same.

God gave me the vision to start youth missions trips to combat the loss of our young adults as they graduate high school and enter into college, the military, or the work force. I have interviewed many young adults that have stayed focused on God and asked them what made the difference. A very high percentage of them said that they had been on a missions trip and experienced how God could use them directly to make a difference in the world. They found out that with God they had purpose and no longer felt like they were wandering through life. The same week I introduced the plan to our pastor Bro. Chris Moore, a supported missionary of our church, stopped in to spend some time at our church. I spoke with him and although the planning time frame was small we went for it. There have been many obstacles along the way but God has made a way and we are going to Kenya prepared to be amazed by God.

We will be flying out of Houston on May 22 at 4:05 arriving in Kenya on May 24th. We will be in country until June 6th.
Pastor Eric 

Team Members
Eric Aultman (Youth Pastor)
Chariti Aultman
Noah Aultman
Matthew Fox
A.J. Smith
Jory Morse
Emily Vige

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