Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31 2009

We had a little issue with connectivity last night, so this is for two nights. Yesterday, was a great day, like most days around here. We headed far away to Perani and Tiwi. Tiwi was the first school we visited. It was about 2 hours away. It was a nice school, with lots of property and lots buildings. The children were very well behaved and they had a cool performance for us. Singing. We each had to introduce ourselves, and Chris told them it was my b-day the day before, so the entire school sang happy birthday to me. It was great! We all played various games with the kids. Duck duck goose, soccer, football, basketball, singing, red rover and more soccer.

Then we were off to Perani; another gorgeous drive and well worth it! We arrived there during a parent-teacher conference and you would not believe how many babies were there! It was awesome! We snuck in the back of the biggest building, the church I think, and the kids sang some songs, and performed some competitions. Like who could get their uniform on the fastest, blow up a ballon the fastest, etc. It was great. Chris had a lot of fun messing with the kids as they competed. He took their clothes and threw them. The people loved it. Afterwards, we went outside and set up our stations. Ballon blowing, medical and soccer. It was great! I started with ballons, but it was crazy. Sometimes, they didn't even want us to shape them into creatures; took to long. haha. Then I helped with the doctor's cleaning heads and putting ointment on their infected bumps. I'm not sure what they are called, but they all have it. Then I played soccer and some more! The kids loved it. They were all so sweet and good. If you told them to do something, they would do it right away. To the best of their ability..example "Go get a goal!" They would try, but Dave made a really good one man defense!

Today was another wonderful day. We went to Vipingo. I passed out on the way there, but I'm sure it was a beautiful drive. When we got there, we were pleasantly entertained by some more singing. It was great. Then the entire team was assigned to classes where we would do a craft with the kids. (Thanks to Medina who organized all of the crafts!) My class was first grade, but they were smarter than most 3rd graders in America. It was a fun craft, drawing on popsicale sticks, and then taking them apart and trying to piece them back together again. We had lots of fun. We all went to play volley ball. It didn't work too well, they were way to short for the net. Then they got their faces painted and I climbed a huge tree. Afterwards, we cuddled with the littlest kids and took great pictures.

Then we went back to Mtepani. We played with the kids, sorted rice with the mamas, and played soccer. We also distributed toothpaste, toothbrushes, candy, and toys. Some of us even got to tie babies to our backs and tried to balance gallons of water on our heads. We failed, but the mamas got a great laugh out of us. :) And last, but not least, the gates for the school finally arrived! So did the cow for killing. We will be eating him at the Celebration Service on Sunday.

Alright, well hope all is well at home. Mungu akubayiki. God is so good!!

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  1. I have rushed home every day to read the blogs. It's amazing how God has worked through the team. Reading your stories remind me of the things saw an felt in Mtepani a few short months ago. Thank You for listening to God and going to help the Kenyan people. Have a great weekend! GOD BLESS!...David Hayes