Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27

Jumbo! (Hello)
Today was a great day. First off, we boarded a bus and left the voyager hotel around 8:15 am. Of course that was after we packed our backpacks with lots of water, toliet paper, bandaids, tracts, color packets (candy,crayons,paper for kids), and some kind of rain protectent. Then we picked up the translators (who are Christians too) and drove to Mtepani; about a 45 minutes drive with about half of it on a dirt road. When we arrived at the church/school we meet the kids (about 55, ages 3-5); they are so cute! But it was a quick visit because we needed to be on our way to tell people about Jesus! I was in a group of 6; four of us, and two translators whose names are Titus and Justin. Justin is married and has three beautiful children, titus was a younger man. Then we prayed and left; walked about two miles (in the pouring rain) down a dirt road surround my beautiful scernery. Many palms tree, flowers, grass and corn. The village was small, and you couldn't see any of the houses, just lots of trails. The first man we visted knew about Jesus, but refused to invite Jesus into his heart until sunday at church. He said we could pray for him then. So we will! When then meet a muslim family with a lot of kids! They didn't accept Jesus into their lives, but they were very interested in what we had to say and the tracts we handed out. They even let us pray for them. We then moved onto a large family, but the grandparents wanted nothing to do with us so we had to leave, even though their daughter wanted to hear. That was heartbreaking and I cried. Then we walked to another hut, and there we found a believer whose daughter and son were not yet saved. After sharing the gospel, the daughter and the son were both saved! It was great! We then meet a mother and her baby on the trail, she wanted to know Jesus, but would not invited Jesus into her heart today. We are keeping her in our prayers. Then we meet Margarita whom we talked to for a long time, but didn't want to trust Jesus. However, while we were talking to her, a large crowd gathered, and three woman accepted Jesus into their hearts! But then we had to leave, and just to give you a taste about how sweet the Kenyans are, Gladice one of the girls we meet on the trail, held my hand all the way back to where she had to leave (about 15 minutes) it was really sweet. When we made it back to the school, we had boxed lunches on the bus. They were good! Lots of fruit and yogurt. Then we made three stations for the kids. The doctor, crafts and face painting, and sports. They loved it, and we loved them! We got back to the Hotel around 5:30pm, showered, ate, had a great team meeting, and prayed together. Now we are relaxing, and i'm going to go look at the stars... I hear they are amazing! Mungu akubayiki! (God Bless you)

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