Saturday, August 8, 2009

We are back in the USA

We had an amazing trip. Allow me re-cap some of the highlights. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday our two main objectives were to provide medical help and walk the village sharing Christ's love and inviting people to accept Christ as their personal Savior. The number of people ready to accept Christ were 97 (wow). Please pray that the seed we planted will be nurished by the Holy Spirit. The new believers in Mtepeni will be challanged in ways that are not familiar to us, we are fellow believers here in the US. Please continue to pray for all followers of Christ to be strenghtened by the Holy Spirit within us all. This is one of the trails we traveled.

We were all amazed by the work that is being done in Mtepeni, the new water well, now clean water is available. Many times the traveling distance to get water would be a mile or more; every day. These containers are re-used and carried on their heads. The new school is being built is educate the children of Mtepeni, it costs the parents $6.00 a month to send each child; that is alot of money and many children won't be able to attend because of it. Real 4 Christ is working on a way to help sponsor the children. We visited other schools and loved and played with lots and lots of childen.
Sorry we didn't keep this updated daily, among other challenges the internet was not working properly.
Blessed and Serving Him....Jaimi

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