Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Day of First!

Did you ever get so excited to go on a field trip as a kid that you couldn't even sleep the night before? I know I sure did. I was so excited to get 2-4 field trips a year! Well, think of never getting a field trip from the time you were in pre k until junior high. Think of never being on a bus, think of never seeing outside your community, or think of never going over a bridge. You could never imagine that happening to you. But the 4th grade class at MBEWAU got to experience their first field trip today going to Haller Park which is their zoo. Think of you in the 4th grade, you got field trips since pre k! They haven't gotten a single one. They can't afford it nor could the school fund the money because they have to fund so much more for those children. Knowing 6 months before this trip, I was going to raise a little money to surprise a class to their first field trip was the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. To see children on a bus for their first time, standing up all talking, being loud, having kids tell you this is the first time they went out of their own village or community, or even having kids say they've never seen a bridge or have never gotten to be in a vehicle with air conditioning and not walk two hours away to get somewhere that's a 45 minute bus ride literally made me realize how privileged we are in America. We are so privileged we don't even realize it. As we were at the zoo, each Mzungo had to take 3 kids and be responsible for them. My kids knew I paid and kept asking me when I was coming back, told me they couldn't wait to do more fun things with me which made me so happy that I got to bless these children in a way they've never gotten before. As we are going through the zoo, my kids couldn't stop holding my hands, always making sure they didn't leave my side. My little girl kept telling me she was thirsty, her words were, "teacher, I'm thirsty, I need water." I wish I would've taken my water with me but luckily Chris had stopped and got them all juice. They were loving the thirst and the sweetness. They even came around to us asking for our bottles to take home to fill up water to keep. Those kids beg for water, we waste water on the daily because oh we can afford it, so why don't we drink it all instead of wasting it? Next time you have a glass of water, think of an African kid that is less fortunate and can't get water for days and have to be in the heat. I will never forget this day of spending it with the kids, them thanking me, taking pictures, laughing, or even pulling up and them saying, "oh my were at Haller Park!" At dinner Chris told me thank you and said that's the first field trip that the school has gotten to do since they've been open, and that was really cool to hear someone know that I care about other kids and people. I truly hope I can make this a yearly thing, raise money and take every class on a field trip that they've never gotten to do. This wouldn't be possible without God, his people, and people that raised money to make this happen. God will always provide in any situation. Pray about what you need and God will give it to you. Whether it be tomorrow, a year or ten years, he will always provide for you and answer your prayers. The kids, staff, and myself want to thank everyone that gave us money to make this trip possible. God Bless, Riley Xoxo

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