Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank God for Crisis.

  I have been fortunate to come to Mombasa for the forth time this year.  Each year has its own challenges, heartbreaks, and success stories. The story I'm about to share is a year in the making. Last year, while visiting with the kids at the Good News Academy, I heard of a woman in the village that wanted to talk to a Christian.  After hearing her story, I jumped at the opportunity that the Lord had put in my lap.  She had a very sick little baby with a high fever. As an American, we have access to medicine and hospitals, but here in Kenya, food and water are luxuries.  The mother ended up selling all she had to pay for a witch doctor (yes, they really exist here), to heel her child. He tried this by taking her money, tying a home made necklace and bracelet around her neck and wrist. This would, "scare away evil spirits."  I walked with a translator, Philip, to her home (a one room mud hut) to talk with her.  When I arrived, the 6 month old was very sick with pneumonia and had a very high fever. she told me that both her and her husband relied heavily on witchcraft, but she realized that it wasn't helping her child. While her husband was at work, she called me in for a visit. Spiritually confused and desperate to save her child, she just wanted someone to help her. I  shared the gospel with her.  I didn't get the response that I wanted, but I told her the truth and we prayed for the healing of the child. I knew as I was leaving that I may never know on this side if heaven if the baby survived.
      Skip ahead one year.... I'm back at the good news academy. Philip, the translator, finds me and ask, "Do you remember me?" I told him that I do remember him and immediately pull a picture out of my pocket of the mother and baby and ask him, "Is the baby alive?"  With excitement he says, "Yes!"  I was so relieved and a huge weight that I had carried around for an entire year was lifted off of my shoulders. I said I wanted to go and visit and Philip said he would have to talk with the family first to make sure  they were home. A couple of hours later Philip came to me and said, "I visited with the family today." I said , "Good! I can't wait to see them and hold the baby." He said, "They are very excited to see you, but I have some bad news....the baby died 2 weeks ago.  She became ill once again and died with a high fever on the way to the hospital."  
    Some may read this and wonder where the success story is. You see, as a Christian, I KNOW where the baby is at. I KNOW I will see her again. Also, had she never been ill the first time, the mother would have never heard the gospel message. Philip informed me that the mother had been coming to the church and that he believed that she was saved. Yes, God can even use a sick child to reach others. 

Romans 8:28 
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Keith Mathews

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