Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Word from Bob

Even as I watch all the activity taking place from my perch on the top step of the medical clinic, where I can see both “class rooms” (in the sanctuary and in the children's worship center) and the other things taking place on this 5 acre site; the gardeners “ deftly slashing the grass with their African grass whips; the cooks preparing the nourishing meals for the students and staff; the constant parade of little ones on their way to the latrines, passing right in front of me (waving and smiling), along the walkway that leads past the clinic. - with all of this happening, and more, my attention is continually drawn to the far corner of the property, where there is another kind of activity taking place, not really associated with the school. This is where we installed a community hand pump well, which is made available to the community, 24/7. I am constantly amazed at how seldom it is idle. All hours of the day, and well past dark, they come, with their containers, to collect this vital human necessity that so many of us, me included, too often take for granted. Of all the joy and love that flows from this beautiful place, not the least of which is from the charming kiddos, this picture (ever changing, yet, ever the same) of a simple response to such a basic human need truly warms my heart the most. Imagine that? Guess I really am - the water guy.

Bwana asifiwe,

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