Thursday, June 20, 2013

God is Awesome

Clay Brindle from Heritage Baptist:

On this trip I've been reminded of just how awesome God is and how He can use anything for His glory. My story starts out several months ago with a little girl being bitten by a snake. Chris Moore and Donald Burrell went to visit this little girl in the hospital. While they were there, they met a young Muslim named Issa. They shared the good news of Jesus with him and invited him to church. He said that he would think about what they had told him. That was six months ago. This past Sunday, Issa came to the church at Maasai Corner for the very first time. After the service Issa walked up and professed his faith in Christ. When he found out that there was a baptism after the service, he asked to do it right then. I had the great privilege to perform that baptism for my new brother in Christ. This just proves how sovereign God is, that he can use the tragedy in one girls life to bring a new life to him.

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