Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Service under the Mango Tree

The pastor speaks, "Praise God!" The conjuration answers, "Amen!"
           That is how we began church this morning. We started this beautiful Sunday morning with a church service underneath the mango tree. The people of Massai Church had built a shed type covering made out of wood and a tarp laid vertically across on top to provide more shade. Pastor Eric greeted the church and the visitors, allowing us to introduce ourselves. Then he moved on to allow the members of the church to introduce themselves. There was one lady in particular who stuck out to me. It was the same lady from yesterday that was on my team during some of the games we were playing with the kids. Picture this, "a lady shorter than me (For those of you that don't know me, I am 4'11''.) She was about 4'7'', a smile running from cheek to cheek, and more energy than any adult I have ever met." She introduced herself and told us how happy she was to have us there, continued on to tell us bout how good God was. She told of the story about how she at times has nothing, but still praises God or about the time when she was extremely sick, but still praised God. This woman was on fire. I thought her energy level was high; Her love for Christ was even higher. The coolest thing about her giving this testimony is that she was speaking it in Swahili. Even if we had not of had a translator, just watching her facial expressions and hand movements were enough for me to see how full of life she was.
          Part of the group took the children out to another tree for a Sunday school lesson, while Pastor Eric preached a sermon about taking off the old and putting on the new. Once church was over, the ladies of the church brought out food for everyone. It is called, "The hand to mouth ministry." We had rice with some flavor, meat, and potatoes (In my opinion the rice tasted like mexican rice, which was still yummy.) Next we moved on to the clinic and game time.
          Whitney, Matt, Rachel, Jaylyn, Kaylene, and I helped in the clinic. Matt and Whiteny played "doctor" diagnosing people while I assisted with temperature and other minor help outs. I got to practice my Swahili as I called out the number for people to stand in line. Jaylyn, Rachel, and Kaylene helped distribute medicine. Jenny, Elise, Allison, and Stephanie were playing all sorts of games with the kids, passing out hand made dresses, and "sweets." Austin and Tyler spent countless hours trying to keep up with the boys in soccer.
          We said our good-byes and head back to Mombasa to eat pizza, YES PIZZA, at one of our host homes, the Windells. On the bus back, Rachel bravely gave her testimony. It is never easy to tell people about your past, but it is truly a blessing to have her on the trip. I feel she held nothing back telling the team about her lowest of lows and giving God the glory for her highest of highs.  After dinner we shared stories with Windells about our day and played catch phrase. Allison told her story about how her camera was stollen from the tree she left it in. However, a boy remembered a man taking it and ran down the road to find him. When the boy found the man, he asked the man to take his picture. As the man was taking the boy's picture, the boy grabbed the camera and ran back. YAY! Allison's camera was returned.
         It truly was a blessed day. There was a few bumps in the road and chaotic times, but it all ended nicely with a warm shower. I feel that I have only covered half of what really happened. The views here are jaw-dropping, our team is getting along, and this has been a life changing experience.
         We serve a God that will be praised; the language does not matter.
Psalm 100: 1-2  Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
P.S. Hi mom, dad, and Colton, I love you and miss you!

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