Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blinded By The Enemy

R4C Board Member Bill DeFrees has been in Kenya the last week. They are having a great trip and he wanted to share some of the things God is doing there in Kenya.

Today, members of our team had the incredible opportunity to baptize 10 new believers at Maasai Corner Church. I never get tired of seeing the excitement of those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior come out of the water with great big smiles on their faces. It reminds me of the Awesome power of God and how He continues to change lives every day. At the same time, I have a heavy heart for the people of Kenya. There is so much poverty and despair. I had a 21 year old young man tell me that he wanted to kill himself because he cannot find work and he is tired of not having any money or food. He was a Muslim and had no hope. As we talked he told me that his dream was to go to America, the land of opportunity and he wanted me to "sponsor" him. I told him that I couldn't do it, but I know some one who could. We talked about Jesus for a long time and he prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior! I visited with a Muslim woman in her mud hut who did not want to hear about Jesus. She had given birth to 10 children but only 2 are living and now she is raising some of her grandchildren. She has no money and no hope. We have talked to several Muslims who have told us that they pray to their god and we pray to our God so it's ok. It is not ok. These people are so blinded by the enemy. They are so faithful to their religion. Right now they are celebrating Ramadan and go to the mosque to pray 4 times a day. They also fast from sun up to sun down, for what? They are not experiencing the abundant life that the people who were baptized today will experience. We drive through the cities and villages and there are men everywhere on street corners because they have no jobs. Some are drunk or high and continue to have no hope. We see children without clothes and the whites of their eyes are yellow. Most do not go to school. If they survive, there is not much of a future for them. Chris an Lisa are doing incredible things here in Kenya, but they need help to reach more families to feed and educate children, to spread the good news of Jesus and to help families to be self sufficient.

God Bless!
Bill DeFrees

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