Friday, July 12, 2013

Thank You!!!

Dear Support Team,

Exactly two weeks ago, we sent out an "urgent prayer request & need". More than 400 people have responded with prayers and more than 40 of those have made or promised to make a donation toward the land purchase @ MBEWAU Academy. 

Lisa & I are THRILLED to report that, as of this morning, we have met and exceeded the amount of money that was needed!!!! :)

We are in awe of the love and support we have been shown from people like you all over the world, not just for this need, but for countless others over the past 6 years. We can not thank each of you enough.

We are now in a position to finish paying the family and receive our very own Land Title. With the additional funds, we will begin building the much needed classrooms at the school so that students will have a place to learn in January 2014.

May God bless you for your sacrificial giving!

All our love and devotion..........

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