Wednesday, November 23, 2011

R4C Water Ministry Update

Here's a quick update, so as not to take too much of your time”
Arrived Nairobi, Sat., Nov. 12 at 10 PM.
  1. Stayed at Mayfield (Missionary) Guesthouse for 7 days.
  2. Traveled by Matatu [“Alquida” (take-your-chance) kind-of mini-bus service].
  3. Met with officials at Kenya NGO Board to begin process of registering R4C as a Kenyan non-profit.
  4. Met with representative of federal Ministry of Water to begin process of registering R4C as a bonifide well driller (a.k.a. borehole driller).
  5. Flew to Mombasa, Kenya on the Indian Ocean on Saturday, Nov 19.
  6. Drove to south coast of Kenya, stopping multiple times in Mombasa to buy:
- other stuff needed (trust me)
  1. Drove to the Masai Corner church/school (planned) property and unloaded the equipment, checked out the gas generator that we brought and then watched the ever talented Masai Corner Warrior youth soccer team practice (see photo), I am absolutely amazed, having refereeded youth soccer for 4 years, at the zeal that these boys play the game on a very rough field, complete with trees and shrubs – within the pitch - and two sticks and a rope for goals, and a single dilapidated ball (that simply seemed to defy all my engineering understanding for minimum requirements for the maintaining of pressurized air). And, oh yes, most of them were barefoot!
  2. Tomorrow we will attempt to place the submersible pump into the 85 ft. deep (yes, 85 ft.) hand dug well, to remove the accumulating water (using the generator for power), so that they can muck out the mud and continue excavation for another 2 to 5 ft Check the pictures if you don't believe me (I wouldn't).
  3. We will also pull the hand pump, in the drilled well that I helped install one year ago, but has now stopped pumping water.
Please pray for the safety of the men as they continue to risk their lives to bring water to this thirsty community. I also ask your prayers that we might be successful in repairing the faulty hand pump and in the successful operation of the submersible pump.
All for now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Bob Nicol

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